Bubble Bath

Imagine being tucked up in a cozy bed on a cold winter morning. Your alarm goes off at 6.00am, and after repeated snoozing you eventually resign yourself to waking up. As you struggle out of bed, you head for the bathroom. Turning the shower knob to deep red you expect hot water, but the initial gush of freezing cold water gives you the shock of your life! Now you are well and truly awake. As the water continues flowing, it slowly becomes warmer and much more comfortable. Gradually your body feels cleansed and completely fresh. By now the experience has become so pleasurable, that you don't want to leave the shower! 

Great sages explain that just as we bathe in water everyday to cleanse the body, we should similarly bathe in the words of the wisdom literatures on a daily basis to cleanse our consciousness. That philosophical bath wakes you up to reality, cleans out the negativity and unhealthy qualities, and ultimately becomes a relishable and enlivening activity. 

The deep insights contained in books like the Bhagavad-gita help to burst the bubble of mundane existence and give us an eternal perspective. It reminds us not to take the illusion too seriously. The scriptures are not a spare wheel that we utilize in an emergency, but are actually meant to be the steering wheel of our life.