As Pure as Water The Sky
When it rains, the water that comes from the sky is crystal clear. But when it falls onto the ground it becomes full of mud. What is the nature of water? Is it clear or is it muddy? It is originally clear and pure, but when it mixes with other things it appears muddy. We simply have to separate what is water and what is not. That is the process of filtration. When we filter water, all the dirt is in the filter and the water is again in its clear, pure state.

Similarly, our consciousness is by nature eternal, full of knowledge and full of blise, full of joy, full of pleasure, but, like rain water, our consciousness is now mixed with so maby superficial external impurities. Through the process of filtration, by the chanting of God’s names, our consciousness, we can perceive God; we can be happy within and find peace within. In fact, there is no other place to find peace.