Poems by Vidyapati

(Vidyapati (1352-1448) a famous and popular court poet of Mathila, India, wrote these Radha-Krishna love songs which find their correspondence in the West to the poems of St. John of the Cross as songs of bhakti between the soul of man and his Creator. In Bengal,... read more

Teachings of Lord Chaitanya

Part IV The Forms of Krishna's Manifestations and Incarnations By devotional service one can understand that Krishna first of all manifests Himself as Sayamrupa, His Personal Form, then as Tadekatmarupa, and then Avesarupa. In these three features He manifests... read more

On the Cover

is Tridandi Goswami A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. The Swami, who has recently suffered ill health, first began publishing Back to Godhead Magazine in the 1940's. Now 72 years old, he is the founder and revered teacher of the International Society For Krishna... read more