The Artists

THE ARTISTS whose work so beautifully graces our pages are, to begin with, Jadurani Devi Dasi, directress of the Art Department. Jadurani Prabhu's work appears on the inside cover, and on the back cover. Her other work includes a prolific, output of oil paintings... read more

I Wanted to by Damodara Dasa

I sat on a suburban hillside And watched, across a small valley, The opposite rise of land, Covered with low gray houses. Where I was in the grass, By a Black Birch tree With Branches good for toothbrushes, Two pheasants slowly picked Their way through the dry leaves.... read more

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

The innovating spark behind the present Samkirtan Movement was Lord Chaitanya, Who appeared in India approximately 480 years ago. Chaitanya is the perfect Form of Radha and Krishna, together as One. His mission was to teach devotional service of God, and to provide in... read more